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The Artist


Directed by  Michel Hazanavicius

Starring Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo

On the back of the success of The Artist at last night's Oscars - I thought you may appreciate a review. As I am always one to support my fellow Amateur Reviewers, this one comes on behalf from a fellow film fan...

"A few nights ago, I went to my local cinema to see The Artist. As a young person in a cinema, literally full of people’s grandparents, I didn’t have high hopes for this film, not to mention the fact I am prone to getting bored easily and a silent film, so I thought, would hardly keep my attention.

Set in 1927, the film is based around silent movie star George Valentin (Dujardin) and aspiring actress Peppy Miller. As Valentin’s career falls to pieces with the introduction of ‘talkies’ and Millers career shoots sky high, we see Valentin become bankrupt and fall into a state of depression. This is a movie of growing romance which is by no means short of a few laughs, many of which come from the fantastic performances of Jack (Uggie the Jack Russell), Valentin’s faithful dog, whose playful antics will certainly make you laugh out loud!

Very short on criticisms of this film, the musical score by Ludovic Bource was so vibrant and fantastic, and the fact the movie was silent and black and white only made the film that much better, I felt I was much more able to focus on the film without having to worry about listening to what the actors were saying, and due to the fantastic on screen chemistry between Dujardin and Bejo, few words would have been needed! This film is a nice, simple, happy story and is by no means an ‘Inception’, you won’t leave the cinema wondering what the last hour and a half was all about!

An absolutely superb movie, one of my favourite films so far of the year! The audience’s eyes were glued to the screen for the entire movie and nobody uttered a word. Who would of thought, that in an age of 3D, a feature length silent film would do so well!"

Big thank you to our guest blogger - this is one certain recommendation!

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