The Hunger Games - Premiere Round Up

Amateur Reviews are predicting the Hunger Games is going to be the first major blockbuster of the year, and as promised, here's your update. With one week to go until UK release, here's the hot gossip and equally hot looks from the red carpets! And don't forget the follow Amateur Reviews' blog to receive a notification when our official film review is up next Friday!

Jennifer Lawrence was looking hot in Prabal Gurung at the Los Angeles leg of the world tour - officially looking nothing like Katniss having sacked the brown hair for her usual bombshell tresses.

And here's Elizabeth Banks challenging for best dressed in this custom orange mini dress inspired by her character in the movie.

Naturally no post would be complete without a sneaky shot of our dapper leading men - Liam and Josh!

At the London Premier, Jennifer dazzled in another gold dress, this time by Ralph Lauren.

It would be a fair bet to say that this film franchise is about to sky rocket and capture the hearts of teenage girls around the globe. With the modest 12A rating and the well known actors it is a recipe for success. Yet it is also refreshing to see a new leading lady who can give the boys a run for their money - Katniss is quite frankly kick ass and a whole different kettle of fish than Bella Swan. Katniss is set to join the ranks of female heroines alongside Lisbeth Salander and it's a welcome change that women are now more than a pretty face.

Here's Josh Hutcherson's word from the premiere - scroll down for Liam Hemsworth!

Our official Hunger Games review will be up a week today - be sure to check back for our rating! 

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