The Lost Symbol

While admitting films are the main focus of Amateur Reviews, when a good book is read it has to be shared! Granted, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown is hardly new (released in 2009) but it has recently been announced that a film based on the novel is in the pipeline with director Danny Strong taking the helm. Tom Hanks is expected to reprise his role as Professor Robert Langdon although there has been no word yet on other cast members. And after the successes that were The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, it will be exciting to see if this project gets off the ground soon!

The book itself is set after The Da Vinci Code and relies on the history and mystique of Washington DC for the main themes of the plot. A must read for anyone who likes codes and puzzles, as well as an insight into Freemasonry (despite the depiction perhaps not being accurate.) This book will make you want to see the sights from the story in person as the US Capitol Building, Washington Memorial and House of the Temple are all mentioned. It’s impossible to put down and you really have to remind yourself that it is a fiction book!

Hopefully there is word on a movie soon, until then, read the book if you haven’t already! Also, National Treasure is a similar type of film and Amateur Reviews massively recommend them for anyone who is already a Lost Symbol fan! Check out the trailer below for the first National Treasure film from 2004!

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