This Means War Review

This Means War


Directed by McG

Starring Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine

This Means War finally premiered tonight and my best friend and I were front row on opening night! The movie chronicles FDR (Pine) and Tuck (Hardy) who are best friends and CIA operatives. Both men start seeing Lauren Scott (Witherspoon) and both utilise their spy talents to prevent each other from getting the girl. Parallel to this, there is also a bad guy to contend with – making way for plenty of car chases and explosions.

Hardy and Pine offer a double act of opposites which is absolutely hilarious. Pine plays the classic ladies man who doesn’t believe in love. On the other hand, Hardy is the sweet British gent and it’s down to Witherspoon to decide who the man for her is. For some people, this type of role seems out of character for Hardy (known for his intense performances in Bronson, Warrior and Inception) however it’s great to see him trying something new. He is showing why he’s one of the most talented men in Hollywood at the moment – this guy can tackle anything. A true chameleon.The film has some very genuinely funny parts that cracked up the whole cinema: notably the paint balling scene! A lot of the comedic moments were aided by Chelsea Handler who played the perfect best friend and life coach role.

The only issue with this film is that it is predictable at times and it is unclear whether McG is trying to pull off and action movie or a romantic comedy. The benefit of this hybrid is that it appeals to both women and men: the perfect date night movie! The result is no doubt Hollywood sleek, sexy and action packed. The chemistry between Pine and Hardy is a success and we manage to sympathise with Witherspoon, despite being in a conundrum most women would give their right arm for!

The action junkies are kept happy with glossy action sequences and gun fights that are incredibly cool. While the romantics amongst us will appreciate the men’s inventive attempts to impress Lauren and correct their flaws. This Means War is nothing ground breaking, but it’s a solid comedy that will make you laugh and will entertain you – what more could you want on a Friday night?!

Rating: 7  

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