To Rome With Love - First Look

It is no surprise that Amateur Reviews are particular fans of Woody Allen's films. His more recent odes to some of the greatest cities in the world (Paris, London and Barcelona) have been stunning therefore we're certain this new film titled To Rome With Love is definitely going to do wonders for the Italian tourist board!

The new snaps have been just recently released and showcase the quality cast, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, Alec Baldwin and Penelope Cruz. To Rome With Love is set to be a charming quirky rom-com and we think the casting looks very apt. After Jesse Eisenberg's witty portrayal of mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, we can definitely seeing him embodying one of Allen's signature leading men.

Have your say: it looks to us like Page and Eisenberg could well be the nerdiest couple of all time (we mean this as a term of affection!) Although if you can think of any pair to rival them, we'd love to hear your suggestions!