The Bling Ring - Set Pictures

Here we've got the latest shots from Emma Watson's new film The Bling Ring which has been filming in Los Angeles. All echoes of Hermione Granger are firmly gone now and it looks like this role is going to distance her from that character even further. The so called Bling Ring is based on a real life story surrounding a group of teenagers from Calabasas in California who got done for breaking in and stealing goods from loads of stars homes in Hollywood. Their victims included Orlando Bloom and Megan Fox amongst countless other celebrities! 

Emma is playing a girl called Nicki, the daughter of an old glamour model (Leslie Mann) who reckons that it's paramount her girls find fame. Some of the scenes are filmed at Lynwood jail where Linsay Lohan served time, and one of the convicted members of The Bling Ring, Alexis Neiers also went to prison there. Interestingly enough, a few years ago, E!Entertainment had a show called Pretty Wild which was about Alexis Neieres and her two sisters, it was cancelled after the first season - so hopefully that wont be a president for the movie. Expected for release next year and directed by Sofia Coppola, Amateur Reviews are confident it'll be a lot better!

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