Disappointing Films - Part I

While this new series of posts is called 'disappointing, what we really mean is boring/naff ones to put it bluntly. It's just that the euphemism in the title is less harsh... Anyway, sometimes instead of (not so) dazzling reviews, it's nice to just know straight away what film is not worth going near. This is subjective, but in case you don't trust our better judgements, we have given reasons...

1. LEAP YEAR - I'm sorry Matthew Goode but unfortunately this film was really predictable. There wasn't that much potential to begin with...

2. THE LAST SONG - You'll soon see a pattern emerging here.

3. THE INTERNATIONAL - The trailer looked incredible, the film not so much. Could've been good, but wasn't really.

4. STAR TREK NEMESIS - Not even Tom Hardy could redeem this...

5. THE GHOST WRITER - It's not that this is bad, but it's rather boring. And what's worse is that it could've been outstanding.

6. CASINO JACK - Struggling to remember the plot never bodes well.

7. WHEN IN ROME - There are 10 to a dozen rom-coms like this. I suppose it is quite feel-good.

8. SKATELAND - Could've been amazing but sadly didn't quite live up to the promise.

9. SOMETHING BORROWED - Highly irritating movie with lots of complaining beautiful people.

10. THE IRON LADY - Always end with the controversial one! Felt like a massive flashback and kept waiting for the film to settle down and begin. Fanastic acting mind you.

Have your say: any ones up here that you thought completely don't deserve to be, or any that you thought we missed? (In the case of the latter, it may well appear in Disappointing Films - Part II!)

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