Avengers Assemble - Review

Avengers Assemble


Directed by Joss Whedon

Starring: (basically everyone) Robert Downey-Jr, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson

Unite fan boys and girls, Avengers Assemble has landed on our shores and will excite anyone who has shown even the smallest interest in a comic book. When the Asgardian villian Loki threatens earth with his army, it's up to Nick Fury and his Avengers to join together and use their super skills to fight back. We're working with the elites in this film and at first it's slightly surreal seeing these characters in the same film. But Whedon brings them together with ease and the massive personalities (who are used to their headlining films) gel and bounce of each other without fighting to be the main man.

However, if there was a main man, you're looking at Tony Stark. Downey Jr. is at his charming best and his comedic timing is en pointe. He is the heart of this Marvel Universe that has been interwoven into one massive movie brimming with action, laughs and emotion.

Chris Evans' Captain America is the traditional superhero in a world which he doesn't quite understand - which lends to some pretty funny jokes. Chris Hemsworth and his hammer have a fair share of the air time sorting out his sibling issues while Mark Ruffalo plays the complete opposite to his rage filled Hulk. It's nice seeing how improved computer graphics have made the green menace even more menacing. Jeremy Renner gets a taste of both sides of the battle field, and Hawkeye is joining the realms of hot men with a bow and arrow (alongside Legolas, of course.) Scarlett Johansson is the token female, but in our opinion Black Widow didn't have much to work with - where was her shield, bow or hammer!?

The villain of the peice is Loki, played by newcomer Tom Hiddleston. Any man who manages to look cool in that get-up and hair-do goes a long way in our books! Looks aside, his portrayal is refreshing as we all know the derranged and crazy baddies are the most fun. Agent (first name) Phil Coulson is incredible and is one of the coolest people. And that's saying something, because the whole film is cool. 

If you've been awaiting Avengers Assemble, you will not be disappointed! It's probably worth mentioning, you don't need to have be familiar with comic books, or even the previous films to enjoy this movie - there are a lot of references for the fans which may account for some of the enjoyment. But really, it's a solid action blockbuster regardless! A clever blend of heroes, jokes and sheer unadulterated action.

Rating: 8

Meet the Avengers:

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Robert Downey-Jr as Iron Man

Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Chris Evans as Captain America

If you're still not convinced - how does the trailer look?

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