Favourite Soundtracks - Part I

A huge part of the film experience is the music that goes with it and Amateur Reviews wanted to start a new series of posts sharing favourite soundtracks with all our readers. Feel free to comment any major ones that have been missed out and it may well make Part II!

1. KICK ASS - The OST for this superhero movie was quite frankly kickass, amongst amazing tracks from Primal Scream and a fair few from The Prodigy the one that defines Kick Ass for most is Stand Up.

2. SUCKER PUNCH - If you read the Amateur Reviews post of this movie you'll know that one of the reasons this film was liked was due to the amazing soundtrack. Emily Browning even sings on a few of the tracks. Here's Army of Me by Bjork.

3. INCEPTION - Hans Zimmer turned his hand to another score for this Christopher Nolan masterpeice. It's hard to pick just one as they are all beautiful, but the one that defines the epicness of Inception is most definitely Time.

4. HANNA - The Chemical Brothers are responsible for this incredible soundtrack and the one picked for this post is The Devils In The Beat. After watching Hanna it's impossible not to whistle this for the next week!

5. WARRIOR - The National feature heavily on this soundtrack and really make the film what it is. If there's one in particular that results in tears is the song About Today which accompanied the climax of the movie.

6. CONTROL - This biopic of the life of Ian Curtis and Joy Division had an absolutely brilliant soundtrack but the film's closer Atmosphere really epitomises the entire movie.

7. THE BEACH - Danny Boyle is a favourite in terms of soundtracks. This is the first of two entries for his movies. Very hard to say whether All Saints Pure Shores or Moby Porcelain was better. But that scene where Richard first sets eyes on the beach is one of the film's highlights so Moby it was!

8. SUNSHINE - And the second Danny Boyle film on the list! A very powerful soundtrack but the one that closes the movie is so atmospheric and makes the final scene as powerful as it is.

9. THE HANGOVER - Again, very hard to pick just one because there are so many, but in the end it could only be the song that accompanies the wolf pack when they enter their hotel room after arriving in Las Vegas!

10. LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE - The Winner Is from this soundtrack is the one that made the cut. It's hard to decide whether this song is sad of positive but it does evoke a fantastic movie, so it's good either way.

That rounds off the first top 10! Feel free to comment, and on a side note: all films listed are definitely worth a watch regardless of the excellent soundtrack. Happy listening!

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