The Hunger Games - Catching Fire

Casting Suggestions

After having a conversation with some Hunger Games fans today on dream casting for the next movie, this post came to light. Now don't get excited, this is sheer speculation, but here's the start of a new series of posts on dream Catching Fire casting! Starting with the victor from District 4 in the 65th annual Hunger Games - Finnick Odair. Here's our top suggestions, but feel free to link us anyone you think would better suit the character.

Our first choice would be Armie Hammer - no surprise there then, given he's an Amateur Reviews favourite, but he just screams Finnick to us!

Next up is Chris Hemsworth, although given the fact that Liam plays Gale this seems extremely unlikely - not least because they look quite similar, but here's a gratuitous picture anyway...

Tom Hiddleston may well be a curve ball suggestion, but we think he possesses the necessary charm.

Garrett Hedlund, also not a bad shout!

And the final suggestion, Freddie Stroma!

Have your say: anyone major we have missed? Comment below and if we agree, your Finnick suggestion may just make its way on to the post! Get thinking Hunger Games Fans!!

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