What To Expect When You're Expecting - Guest Review

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Directed by Kirk Jones

Starring Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks (and many more)  

Sitting in the cinema I wasn’t really expecting a cameo from Cheryl Cole or Whitney Port within the first three minuets – however, this successfully told the audience to be prepared for a star studded cast. What To Expect When You’re Expecting includes many of Hollywood’s comedy greats; at first I was apprehensive that it was one of those films where loads of celebrities are shoved together and it doesn’t really work – but I was so wrong!

The cast of this film completely bounce off one another to create amazing comedic delivery, each duo have been strategically paired and the chemistry within each couple is fantastic. Personally, one of my favourite aspects of this film is that the individual couples tentatively link with one another, creating a fantastic overlapping web. This also means that a big group of pregnant couples aren’t forced, unbelievably, in your face. There’s something about this film that makes you think that there are couples out there enduring these weird and wonderful pregnancies.

This film made me laugh and cry; there were many highs and several emotional lows – I promise you, if you watch this film you will empathise with every character, even if you’ve never had a child. I also warn you that when Cameron Diaz gives birth, her acting is fantastic; unfortunately, this does mean that you will feel her pain, and lots of it. 

When I left the cinema I had a huge smile upon my face – What To Expect When You’re Expecting, is my feel good film of the summer.

Rating: 8

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  1. This came and went so fast I am shocked by your positive review.

    I think after those star-studded holiday movies (Valentine's Day and New Years Eve) people have been more leery to jump into something like this, perhaps?

    Oh well. I now I something I can redbox for the wife.

    1. I don't vet the guest reviews, perhaps this is one for the chicks!

      These ensemble films are usually disappointing but New Years Eve was alright because of Til Schweiger!

      Thanks for the feed back and the comment nonetheless.