We Are Augustines: Live

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Wednesday evening, The Ritz, Manchester. The sold-out venue was buzzing with excitement before the show with fans of the stunning album Rise Ye Sunken ships. Their debut is a searing labour of love, blood, sweat and tears and it seems that some journalists wrongly like to focus on the gory details of the album’s inception. But this band has a social conscience and use the tragic back story for tremendous powers of good.  A lot of other bands should take a leaf out of We Are Augustines’ book because they have got here against the odds and have so much to say.

The second the boys came out on stage, the crowd went nuts. It’s a music clichĂ© to say that bands sound just as good live as they do on a record, but that comparison was made for this band. Some may even say they sound even better live! Playing the majority of the tracks from their glorious debut, with the help of another guitarist and a stunning brass section, the gig was definitely one to remember. It’s rare to be part of such a faithful crowd and the band made a connection with the fans in a spectacular way. We Are Augustines care for the music, the fans, the performance and that is met with due reverence, adoration and respect. Their live show is truly a spectacle to behold.

The entire show was one big highlight but Chapel Song, Augustine and Strange Days stood out as favourites. As well as a piano and vocal rendition of Philadelphia which was literally awe inducing. The crowd sang every lyric right back at them and it was tremendously memorable. When Billy sings, it’s like a torrent of emotion, raw and passionate – voices like that are a rare find. Strong, soulful and immensely talented: We Are Augustines are a must see for any proper music fan.

Here is some of my photography from the gig for all those interested and keep scrolling down for a selection of some of their beautiful music to get your ears around.

Strange Days


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