The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2




Directed by Bill Condon

Starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner

When the Volturi are alerted to the suggestion that Bella and Edward’s newborn half-breed may in fact be an immortal and dangerous vampire, the knives are out once again. The final battle commences in a magnificent fashion.

This is most definitely the strongest film in the Twilight Saga and a fitting ending to the mammoth franchise. Now that Bella is married to Edward and finally becomes the vampire she so longed to be, the fabled love triangle from the past four movies is no more. Thankfully, this means that the hours of teen angst and moping over Bella’s two eligible males are now long gone. There is no ‘team Edward’ and ‘team Jacob’: this is Bella’s movie and she very much does it justice.

The strength of this movie lies within the casting. Our three leads are now more than comfortable in the roles we have come to know and they are supported by a refreshing cast of new and brilliant characters. Special praise to Michael Sheen is in order also, because he is good in this.

It has to be said, this is no technical masterpiece and will not be winning the awards for visual effects anytime soon. Notably a suspiciously fake looking baby, which seems unnecessary given the marvellous hair and makeup on hand without computer graphics. It also lacks some of the realism and freshness of Twlight. However the heart of the piece remains in the well crafted relationships between the characters: notably Jacob Black’s bizarre but nicely handled crush on Bella’s young daughter. It’s also nice to see Bella being more of a bad ass, she no longer sits biting her lip for two thirds of the movie. 

The highlight of the film is the crescendo at the end of the third act. Refreshingly the director has managed to take creative liberties with the plot whilst eventually still remaining true to the ending of the saga. This means that even though you may have read the books, there’s still a certain amount of a spoiler alert and you will not see it coming! Perhaps it would be too much of complement to say the moment of revelation is Nolan worthy, however it is brilliantly inspired and genuinely very clever. It is a scene that validates the entire saga.

Rating: 7


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