Jack Reacher - Review




Directed by Christopher McQuarrie

Staring Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike and Richard Jenkins

For the past two years it has become tradition that the last film of the year is a Tom Cruise one. 2011 was sent off with Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol and 2012s NYE film was Jack Reacher. You will be pleased to know it did not disappoint.

When a random shooting takes place, a serial gunman is arrested and all fingers point in one direction. But things aren’t perhaps so clean cut when the sniper issues the demand “Get me Jack Reacher”. Can Reacher discover the truth before it catches up with him?  

For all the naysayers who questioned whether tiny Tom Cruise was the man to play 6’5 Jack Reacher, size really doesn’t matter in this case. Cruise portrays Reacher with impressive stature and convincing physicality combined with just the right amount of charm. It’s hard to deny Cruise’s gravitas and star quality, he brings sheer entertainment to this film. While he may not embody Lee Child's vision to a T, it's the spirit he captures and has hit the nail on the head.

It’s not always fair to judge a film in comparison to other films of the genre but by doing this we see where Jack Reacher succeeds where other action films fall short. The action genre is saturated with lazy movies that rely on boring fight sequences, gun fights and the obligatory car chases that go on for too long (shame on you Bourne Legacy!)

And while Jack Reacher does include these elements, it’s done necessarily and adds to the plot. You will laugh, be on edge, recoil and be left guessing from start to finish. It’s a classy action movie that’s full of character and heart.

Rating 7.5


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