The Lone Ranger - Review




Directed by Gore Verbinski

Starring Armie Hammer, Johnny Depp and Tom Wilkinson 

Aged Comanche Tonto (Depp) relates his days with John Reid (Hammer) and how the sole survivor of a massacre of Texas Rangers by the notorious outlaw Butch Cavendish (Fichtner) and his gang became the masked man bringing justice in the Old West. Corrupt railroad men, stampeding buffalo and a comedy horse all play their parts.

After years of 'production problems', changing writers and ballooning budgets, all I can say is that I welcomed this movie with a wide grin and am so happy that The Lone Ranger has eventually rode onto our screens because it was certainly worth the wait. What I love about the film is that it is so well crafted - it feels glossy and expensive but unlike the Man of Steel blockbuster, this film is still full of heart and human emotion. The Lone Ranger is the ultimate feel good movie of the summer with a stellar cast and soundtrack to boot. 

The action sequences atop of numerous moving trains are breath taking, gripping and extremely well choreographed. Far too often movies are padded out with unoriginal action sequences and reliance on green screen. Whereas Bruckheimer and Verbinski bravely took the logistical challenge of making an authentic set out on location in the scorching hot desert heat. It leads to more legitimate acting when the actors are genuinely in the elements against the weather instead of an air conditioned studio in California. This is partly where the spiralling cost would have come from but it was certainly worth it in my opinion at least; and I just hope it doesn't deter other big film makers from filming as much as possible for real. The Lone Ranger is a pleasure to look at - stunning vistas and immersive close ups that really bring the beauty and grit of the wild west to life. 

Armie Hammer exudes an aura on and off screen that screams leading man. He is a joy to watch; enthusiastic and full on but in a way that is never too much. Surprisingly comedic, John Reid keeps energy high and his relationship with Tonto is both funny and sincere all at the same time. Johnny Depp is hilarious and truly did flesh out and embody Tonto with great depth and originality. The casting of Harry Treadaway as Butch Cavendish's right-hand-man was inspired. If anyone could play a crazed villain with a penchant for crossing-dressing legitimately - it's him. 

I definitely agree with Depp and Hammer, who were recently quoted defending the movie by stating that the reviewers had made their mind up about this film before they even stepped foot in the movie theatre. They knew it had cost a lot and they knew its production had been plagued by troubles so perhaps The Lone Ranger did look like it could be a John Carter-style flop. But it isn't and it's truly sad that people aren't going to see it. They don't tend to make real movies like this any more; real acting and real wholesome heart in a western genre. 

Rating: 8

"Sometimes it's good to just tune out and watch a hero. There's something for everyone!" - Armie Hammer

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