Into The Storm - Review




Directed by Steven Quale 

Starring Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies and Matt Walsh

As far as disaster movies go, Into The Storm was undeniably disastrous. The film chronicled the impact a storm of epic proportion made on the inhabitants of the town Silverton and its visiting storm chasers.

Into The Storm firstly falls flat where the cast is concerned. The actors are grappling with exceeding stereotypical characters: the Dad who is so consumed with his work he doesn't see how wonderful his two teenage boys are, the weather analyst who is that dedicated to her work she has not seen her young girl in three months, and the storm fanatic who will risk it all just to be in the 'eye of the storm.' You can probably tell where all this is going... It's predictable, a little bit cliché and formulaic.

The special effects weren't polished enough to be truly believable and breathtaking. Given the modern standard of CGI it could have been a great deal more immersive - though presumably with a few more million pounds thrown at the project. The found footage element was also half baked and not executed fully. You've either got to go the whole hog (a la Chronicle and Cloverfield) where every single shot is from the perspective of handheld or CCTV, or just shoot normally because the constant transition was a bit jarring. There's definitely a market for documentary style movies, I'm just not sure whether Into The Storm was best served by it because it merely covered the familiar ground of the likes of Twister.

And yet there's something guilty pleasure about it, because as much as I rolled my eyes ultimately I must have been invested because there were some edge-of-your-seat, heart pounding, stressful moments. It was interesting having essentially an action blockbuster with the weather as the villain as opposed to a person or some sci-fi creature, that made it genuinely unsettling thinking 'what would I actually do.' However, the occasional breathless scenes aren't enough to push this rating up to a solid 5.

Rating - 3/10

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