The Syndicate - Review

The Syndicate


Tuesday 9:00PM

Starring Matthew Lewis, Timothy Spall and Joanna Page

BBC's latest original drama pretty much does what it says on the tin. 5 cash-strapped supermarket workers from Leeds win a huge sum of money in the lottery after being part of a weekly syndicate. However, that wouldn't be much of a show without a few lively characters and a spanner thrown in the works. Prior to winning the lottery, two of the workers manage to pull of a heist in the supermarket which turns out to be pointless and they end up leaving a heap of mistakes in their wake. The future episodes look to track 5 the workers and how they utilise their winnings aswell as dealing with various personal issues.

Matthew Lewis (AKA Neville Longbottom) takes on his first role since Harry Potter as the cheeky chappy Jamie. He's showing a great amount of versatility in a different role and is really letting his Yorkshire accent shine! It's great to see him on our screens and it will be really interesting to see where he takes his acting career because there is so much potential there. So make sure you look out for this talented actor in Wasteland later this year - we are expecting big things!

Yesterday's episode had copious entertaining moments but there were a few "why would you do that!?" points of the script. It may be too premature to evaluate any main flaws however The Syndicate, on first impressions, is probably worth checking out due to the quality acting and the fact it is alot better than the vast majority of other dramas on at the moment!

Rating: 6 - follow this link to read the end of series round-up/review of The Syndicate.

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