Carrie - Chloe Moretz

After an intensive audition process Chloe Moretz has finally beat out tough competition, such as Dakota Fanning, for the role of Carrie in a remake of the classic horror film. The 15-year-old is about to become known for a lot more than her roles in Hugo and Kick-Ass because if the 70s film starring Sissy Spacek is anything to go by - this will be good! This is not the first time Chloe has tackled the horror genre either - she played a vampire in the American version of Let The Right One In which was rather chilling!

Carrie chronicles a bully victim who has the power of telekinesis which gets stronger when she becomes angry. The original also stars, John Travolta in the early days. Both films are adaptations of a Stephen King novel so it will be exciting to see how the two of them film differ.

Moretz seems to be a natural choice for most people although do you think the role should have gone to another actress? At Amateur Reviews we are 100 percent behind her but as ever we'd love to hear you reaction to the casting so have your say!

Here's Chloe at the Metropolitan Opera Premiere earlier this week when the news broke.

And how will she compare to the already iconic character? Big shoes to fill, but Miss Moretz seems more than capable!

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