Snow White and The Huntsman, Mirror Mirror

It seems that Hollywood has gone nuts over Snow White as this spring/summer is set for two blockbuster releases about the Disney darling. While admittedly, the films are going for different things, we are going to try and fill you in on the cast and plot so you can decide which (if any) looks best.

Our first film, Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventure of Snow White is released on April 2nd and is rated PG. This adaptation seems to follow the plot we all know more or less - a nasty queen diddles Snow White out of her Kingdom and it is down to her and the support of her 7 freinds to secure it back.

Julia Roberts plays The Queen and the beautiful Lily Collins takes on Snow White. However possibly more exciting from our point of view is Armie Hammer as Prince Alcott! Not only is he quite clearly the fairest of them all, he displays his amazing flexibility by tackling a range of characters with this being miles from his parts in The Social Network and J Edgar.

Mirror Mirror looks set to be great Easter viewing for families in the holidays so check out the trailer, movie poster and a gratuitous Armie Hammer picture (just because we can...)

Our second take on the classic fairytale is Snow White and the Huntsman penned for a June 1st release. This appears to be taking a greater twist to the tale as a huntsman who is ordered to do away with Snow White actually turns into her mentor as they fight to overcome the Evil Queen.

This adaptation has gone for different portrayals of the Queen and Snow White because Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron appear to be done up unlike the traditional and stereotypical characters we are used to. In the trailer the film seems darker and more serious that Mirror Mirror and anything starring Chris Hemsworth is sure to be a smash at the box office.

Take a look at the trailer and poster if you haven't already, no certificate has been announced as of yet but it would seem a 12A rating is more than likely.

Have your say: do you think Snow White has been overdone or are you excited for either of these new releases?

Our good friend and fellow blogger at shan't be too thrilled with the casting in the latter...

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