Anchorman 2 Announcement

It's official, it's happening. Ron Burgundy will be returning in the sequel that the world has been waiting for. Take a look at the video announcement of Will Ferrell as the best news guy San Diego has ever seen. And while you do it, why not have a nice glass of scotch...

There's been nothing yet on the plot and we can only hope Brick is back for the second time round - what's clear is that this is going to be one of the most anticipated sequels since The Hangover Part II and let's just hope it's significantly better than that (i.e don't make exactly the same film but with a monkey instead of a baby)... Until then, leave your favourite Anchorman quote as a comment. "You stay classy San Diego!"

Here's Will Burgundy next to a slightly bewildered looking American chatshow host, Conan. Gotta love him!

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