The Dark Knight Rises European Premiere

Yesterday, Amateur Reviews was lucky enough to attend the film premiere of the summer in London's Leicester Square! The garden's were decked out with a giant bat head, a flaming bat symbol, massive screens and even Bane's tumbler was there.

The stars were out in force although sadly Michael Caine and Gary Oldman could not attend. Tom Hardy was first to arrive on the red carpet with his fianceƩ Charlotte Riley at 5:15 sharp, looking dapper in a trench coat to face the rain, he proceeded to stay out for ages making sure no one went home disappointed. Charlotte Riley happily signed autographs with personal messages, while Tom signed and posed for pictures with all the fans.

Marion Cotillard and Anne Hathaway looked stunning and it was quite surreal seeing them both in real life! They are even more beautiful in the flesh. Anne Hathaway was especially chatty and spoke to some of the fans in our pen about her singing in Les Mis! Notoriously shy Cillian Murphy also was happy to sign autographs, although sadly we did not get one - but he did steal someone's pen! Also in attendance was Douglas Booth who is set to play Romeo in a remake of Romeo and Juliette, he was incredibly lovely and down to earth.

On the disappointing side of things, Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan did not approach to sign autographs or take pictures and neither did Morgan Freeman, but this was to be expected. As well as this Joseph Gordon-Levitt did not sign much which was a shame because we were by alot of his fans... But we were incredibly lucky to even see these starlets in the flesh!

If the movie in anyway reflects the magnitude of the awesome European Premiere, it is going to be epic! Here are a few of the photos we managed to take, as well as the autographs we recieved! This post is going to be a little photo heavy, but it's better to have too many pictures from the event than too little.

Outside the Odeon Theatre at Leicester Square

A bill board outside the Odeon showing a face off between Bane and Batman

The immense bat head that also acted as a stage

Fans outside the theatre

The flaming bat symbol

Sneaky walk down the red carpet while the barriers were being set up

Alex Zane looking like he's about to start Singin' In The Rain

Bane's majestic tumbler - a worthy opponent to the Batmobile!

The gorgeous actress Charlotte Riley talking to the fans

Tom Hardy mid interview

Not sure Bane would be smiling this much...

Marion Cotillard looking stunning

Marion Cotillard signing autographs

British actor Douglas Booth

Anne Hathaway smiling with the fans

Joseph Gordon-Levitt doing press (left) and Morgan Freeman (far right)

The stoic back of Cillian Murphy

Charlotte Riley

Tom Hardy

Marion Cotillard

Douglas Booth

Anne Hathaway


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    1. Glad you think so! Was such a great day out and slightly unbelievable! Review coming on Saturday!

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    1. Thank you for your comment, lucky is most definitely the word!